Alternatives to Doggy Daycare25 Aug

Alternatives to Doggy Daycare

Finding reliable, safe dog care is a top priority for many Denver Dog Owners. Here at Dog Dynamix, we coach our clients to avoid Doggy Daycare and high-volume Dog Boarding Facilities for their dog’s safety, behavior, and health. This leaves a lot of people asking us… so where DO we take our precious pooch when we need to leave them alone for a long day?

Here are a few great options to consider when you are in need of dog care.

  1. Our Day Camp for graduates of any of our Arvada Dog Training Programs. Day Camp allows your trained dog to return to us for the day to train, play, and have fun. We do multiple training and play sessions throughout the day, and often times the Day Campers join us on field trips. We have a safe, temperature-controlled indoor play area if the weather is bad, a DogPacer treadmill or two, plenty of toys, a Professional Dog Care Staff, and other trained dogs to play with (if that’s your dog’s thing). And, of course, dogs who do not enjoy the company of other dogs are always welcome to come train with us for the day. Contact us for more information.

  2. Dog Hiking Companies. There are MANY dog-hiking services out there, and they are a great alternative to Dog Day Care. These companies usually own large “school bus” style vans full of safe dog crates to travel in, and will come pick up your dog, and other dogs attending the same trip, to go on a long outdoor adventure.
  3. Dog Walkers. Dog walkers will come to your house to take your dog out on a neighborhood walk, or let them play in your yard. This can be a great option if your dog takes time to warm up to new people (and you can request the same dog-walker each time)
  4. Dog Running Companies. If your dog needs some cardio in their lives, a designated runner will come pick your dog up and take them out on a run! Most of these companies also offer dog walking, for dogs that aren’t quite as in-shape. We relate.
  5. Pet Sitters. Many pet-sitting companies also offer daily drop-ins to check on your pets. These may involve a walk, a play session, and more depending on what you sign up for!

*We are not affiliated with the example companies listed and do not vouch for their services. We recommend doing your own in-depth research prior to contacting any companies on this list, including checking out their social media pages, looking at past client reviews, searching the internet for any bad press, and meeting them in person.

We always recommending interviewing the companies you are interested and setting up an evaluation with your dog to make sure it will be a good fit. Having a stranger come into your home to pick up your dog is a big deal, so you want to make sure your dog trusts the person, acts appropriately for them, and that you feel it is a good fit. Always check reviews, look for licenses and insurance, and ask about experience.

We do not recommend most of these services for dogs with dog-aggression, human-aggression, dogs that are highly fearful, or dogs who are untrained. For dogs that have any type of fear or aggression, we recommend Day Training with their known, trusted Dog Trainer (or getting a referral from your trainer for that type of service). For social and well-trained dogs these are WONDERFUL solutions to sending them off to “DayCare” where their behavior and physical health may be at risk.