Colorado’s Comprehensive Board and Train Program For Dogs

EVERYTHING you need to maintain your dog’s training is included in all of our programs!

Denver’s best Off Leash Board and Train program. Dog Dynamix has been training dogs and helping owners for over 16 years. Through trust and respect, we aim to improve the quality of life for each owner and dog we work with by developing a happy, obedient dog.

We teach dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. Our approach produces well-behaved pets that are enthusiastic about their training! We take pleasure in teaching methods that you may use on a daily basis. Through board and train programs, day camps with training, and in-home training, our experts are here to help your dog learn commands, socialization, manners, and more!

If you’ve tried other trainers or even another dog training camp and haven’t gotten the results you desire, give us a call! We are committed to assisting dog owners in achieving goals that they never imagined possible.

We use positive reinforcement to help the dog feel great about learning and participation!

We continue to reward the correct responses, but discourage the “bad” behaviors through thoughtful correction.

We take your dog to challenge their new Off Leash Board and Train skills in new environments, like parks, patios, breweries and dog-friendly stores to make sure the training is solid in the ‘real world.’ 

Programs & Pricing

Board & Train Programs
15 days
off leash board and train, Home,
Training While You're at Work!learn more
The Day Train Program is a great alternative to a board and train if you can’t stand the thought of parting with your dog for 3 weeks. Drop your dog off in the morning, and pick up an exercised and studied dog who is learning heel, sit, place, and recall while you’re away. The program is 15 days, Monday through Friday, for fun and training activities with our professional dog trainers.
5 weeks
off leash board and train, Home,
The Perfect Family Doglearn more
Create the perfect family dog and stop problem behaviors before they start! The Perfect Puppy Training Program provides support from start to finish, from potty training and socialization to off-leash obedience.
3 weeks
off leash board and train, Home,
Off-Leash Dog Obediencelearn more
This board and train program includes off-leash dog obedience training for owners who enjoy strolls through the city, suburbs or great outdoors. This 21 day program is perfect for the urban dweller or the outdoor types who want a well behaved, adventurous dog.
2 weeks
off leash board and train, Home,
Take your dog EVERYWHERElearn more
This 2 week ad-on program really focuses on the details. After this program you will be able to confidently take your dog EVERYWHERE - They will be exposed to elevators, public transportation and high distraction environments such as restaurants, breweries, parks, events, gatherings, hiking, traveling, etc. Dogs must be have trainer approval to enroll.
4 lessons
off leash board and train, Home,
Training at Your Homelearn more
This is a great add-on to any Board and Train or Day Train program. In-Home Training address the issues where they are occurring. Our trainer comes to you for five sessions, meeting either at your house or in a specific area you are experiencing challenges, to get the reps in and make sure the process is fluid and well understood by you and the dogs. We can utilize these sessions either by working with you and your dog in your home or by taking your dog on field trips.
5 weeks
off leash board and train, Home,
Reactive/Aggressive Doglearn more
This program is required for dogs with any reactivity (growling, lunging, or barking) towards other dogs or people, or who have phobias. This program is for dog owners who are willing and able to work WITH the training and trainer to create a behavior modification plan for the best prognosis for their dog. *BE SURE TO READ THE DESCRIPTION.

Quality Training Reliable Results

Dog Board & Train Services
  • With your Dog Daily: Exercise, Play Time, Training Sessions, and Field Trips (Parks, Hiking, Walks)

  • Big Dog Ranch Experience: 40 acres of dog paradise surrounded by BLM Lands
  • Regular trips into town to proof each dog’s obedience in city settings!
  • Weekly: Report Cards for your Dog

How to Schedule Training

4 Easy Steps
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A trainer will be in touch within 48 hours

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We will schedule an Evaluation with you and your dog

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We will book your program!

Meet The Dog Trainers

Board & Train Behavior Specialists
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Nicole Redmond

Dog Trainer
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Natalie Moya

Dog Trainer
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Lisa Lucero

Owner and Head Trainer - Over 16 Years Experience
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Brittany McCullough

Dog Trainer

Building Relationships Beyond Obedience

We know your dog isn't just a pet, but part of the family.
    • Effective, modern, dog training techniques

    • Dog Training for house manners, leash manners, appropriate greetings, coming when called
    • Curb nuisance behaviors such as barking, digging, chewing and more.

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What Our Clients Say

Dog Dynamix provides high quality dog Board and Train programs for the dog owner who wants to drop off their dog for training and pick up a well-behaved, well-mannered dog. We offer in-home dog training add ons for graduates of any of our puppy training or adult dog training classes. Your dog can stay for Day Care Training or stay for Overnight Training where they will learn on and off leash dog training skills for a well-mannered dog. Our Dog Bootcamp is designed for dogs with problematic behaviors or dogs that show fearful behaviors and need behavior modification. We employ the best Denver Dog Trainers in Colorado and are proud to provide high quality dog training. Not sure if board and train is right for you? Group dog training classes and private one-on-one dog training can provide satisfactory results, but sending a dog to training gets fast results in a fair, practical way and comes with those perks to help maintain the training. Have questions? Check out our FAQ.