Training While Boarding in Denver: Our Dog Training Programs10 Mar

Training While Boarding in Denver: Our Dog Training Programs

At Dog Dynamix, we work hard to get the best outcomes for dogs and their owners through our various dog training program options. Our programs have evolved over the years to achieve the best results possible in a fair, humane way via our off leash Board and Train, Reactive Dog Bootcamp, Dog Daycare with Training, Puppy Training, and In-Home Dog Training programs, all of which come with significant owner coaching post-graduation.

Our board and train programs are definitely one of our most popular program options (next to Day Training, which has really revved up in popularity this year).

Three different Board and Train programs are available from us:

Our off leash boarding and training program is a three-week off-leash focused program where our Denver dog trainers will teach your dog how to walk nicely on a leash, go to their bed (and stay there), come when you call them, and behave appropriately on field trips to dog friendly establishments, parks, trails, and more.

We also have a five-week Dog Bootcamp program that is designed to help dogs with aggression, barking at dogs or people on leash, separation anxiety, fear and phobias, and other problematic behaviors. This program is split into two separate stays, so that you can work with your dog part-way through the program and let us know what needs fine-tuning for the best results.

For puppies, we offer a puppy to adult Perfect Puppy Program, which involves two weeks of on-leash puppy foundations (name recognition, crate games, beginning leash walking, wait at the door, leave it, confidence building, and handling for grooming), then six days of Daycare Training as your puppy matures, and three weeks of off-leash training when your puppy is at least seven months old. This is the gold standard for puppy training!

What makes a board and train a good program choice? Let’s discuss it!

The amount of time that our professional Denver dog trainers can devote to training your dog is perhaps the largest advantage of a board and train program. When your dog participates in a Board and Train program, their dog trainer has the opportunity to practice the training skills each and every day. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we have a system that works. This means that your dog is getting quality repetitions daily, and strategically being introduced to new dogs, people, and places as distractions.

When it comes to working through more serious behavioral issues, the daily training for an extended period of time can be extremely beneficial. Spending three to five weeks under the direct supervision of a professional dog trainer just gets things moving faster than would be possible at home, due to being repeatedly exposed to long-term triggers, and not having the same level of consistency and thoughtful repetition. 

Additionally, the trainer is likely to have access to a greater variety of people, dogs, and other high level distractions at a professional training facility than you would at your home. If your dog is overly excited to meet new people or other dogs, it can be very difficult to find neutral dogs and people to work with enough times to make real progress. Dog trainers have well-trained dogs of their own, other dogs in training, dog trainer friends, and co-workers that they can use as daily distractions and be able to set your dog up to succeed. Teaching your dog to behave safely and dependably among humans and other dogs is one of the most crucial areas of dog training, and it can also be the most challenging. Socialization in a dog training context does not include a free-for-all, overly excited greetings, inappropriate behavior from the new person or dog, or otherwise. We control the environment so your dog learns how to behave in a way that is kind and strategic.

The time some of us have available for dog training is very limited since our daily lives have become busier, whether it be due to job, children, or any combination of things. For dog owners, board and train programs can help get their dog solid training on a limited timeline. Generally, all you need to prepare for a Board and Train program is your dog’s food for the duration of their stay and their vaccination records, and then you’re ready to go. The trainer handles all the tedious repetitions and you don’t have to worry about keeping up with your weekly training “homework” in between meetings. Without a doubt, Private Lesson programs are a terrific option for many people, but if your schedule is already packed, adding another commitment may be difficult.  It relieves your stress to know that your dog will receive the training they require from a trainer you can rely on, and that all you have to do is pack up their food and drop them off.

Boarding and training programs are also a fantastic choice if you’re leaving town. Instead of leaving your dog at a boarding facility while you’re away on business or vacation, a Board and Train program can be the ideal choice for you. Why not use the opportunity to combine great training with boarding your dog if you’re planning a trip and know you’ll need to do so? Along with being in good hands while you’re away, your dog will also be better-behaved when you get back.

Dog Dynamix offers board and train programs for dogs and their owners in Colorado (Denver Metro and beyond) as well as Ohio (Dayton and Columbus).

Please get in touch with the trainer in your area if you’re interested in our Board and Train Programs by visiting their page (linked above) or visiting our Contacts page!