Why We Love Boarding and Training Programs for Dogs24 Mar

Why We Love Boarding and Training Programs for Dogs

Our Denver-based board and train program is a total immersion dog training program where your dog learns advanced obedience skills he needs at home, and then practices those skills all day every day in a safe training environment. We teach obedience skills such as walking on a leash without pulling, going to a bed (and staying there), and coming when called, while also working on house manners such as not jumping on guests or the counter, no begging, and no barking at distractions. We take dogs on regular field trips so they can behave appropriately in as many new environments as possible, helping ensure an easy transition back home.

After we have trained your dog, we will teach you and your family how to continue and advance the training of your dog. It is equally important for us to train you and your family! Graduating from a board and train program is only the beginning. Follow up lessons and group classes keep you and your dog on track.

Our Denver, Colorado dog training team is nationally renowned and true masters of their craft. A very high degree of care is provided by our trainers and kennel personnel. We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean, safe facility for your dog to minimize stress and maximize progress. We work hard to keep dogs happy and well-exercised; no loud kennel full of barking dogs here!

Follow Up Lessons: After graduation, we will continue to do included private training lessons to help train your family to maintain your dog’s new manners. We are also available by phone or email to support you as your dog adjusts to living in your house once again. We begin each of our programs with a phone consultation to get to know you and your dog. After learning more about you and your dog, we create a training schedule that perfectly fits your way of life.

Lifetime Support: We’ll be available to help if you need a refresher on your training. Our programs include classes, follow-up sessions, and access to dog boarding and daycare privileges exclusive to dog training graduates. This means that you can go on future vacations without worrying about a pet sitter or boarding facility breaking your dogs new training; graduates of our training programs can return for boarding and receive daily training sessions and regular field trips, just like they did while they were in a board and train program.

While your dog is enrolled in a training program, we provide pictures, videos, and training updates to keep you informed of our progress. You will immediately receive a homework packet full of critical information and training instructions so you can come to the graduation lesson prepared. At graduation, we instruct your family on how to preserve the amazing new skills your dog has learned. Multiple follow up lessons and group training practice classes for your family are included in each of our packages.

We even accept dogs and puppies of all ages for board and train. In order to facilitate good behaviors early on, our puppy camps for dogs under six months old involve house training, rigorous (and appropriate) socialization, and developmentally appropriate training. Of course, they involve lots of cuddling and one-on-one play time, too.

Because you and your dog get to learn with a dog trainer who is an expert in their field, Board and Train programs can move dogs along faster than any other type of dog training program. Dog training is a mechanical skill, requiring repetition after repetition to become reflexive. Untrained dogs and inexperienced owners frequently cause confusion when they interact. The result is a slowdown of progress. Your dog or puppy will receive instruction from a skilled trainer at dog training camp, who can help him move beyond any errors and pick up new skills very quickly. Working with a dog who is already trained in the exercises is advantageous when it is your turn to learn them. You both learn more quickly and easily thanks to expert handling and technique, meaning you can get to enjoying new adventures together faster than you imagined possible.

Contact our Denver Dog Trainers today, and let’s create a personalized dog training plan that best suits your needs.