Top 5 things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Board and Train Program13 Jan

Top 5 things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Board and Train Program

If you’re looking for a quality dog boarding and training program, there are many factors to consider. This guide provides the essential tips you need to make sure your pup gets the best care possible from their board and train program.

Research Board and Train Credentials

Before signing up for any dog boarding and training program, it’s important to research the credentials of your potential dog training team. Find out what kind of certifications are required for the trainers and staff, what courses they must have taken, and what experience and knowledge they need in order to work with the dogs attending each board and train. Make sure the program you choose is qualified to ensure your pup is getting only the best care.

Ask Questions About the Training Methodology Used

When you are considering signing up for a dog boarding and training program, be sure to ask questions about the specific training methodology used in the program. It is important to make sure you are comfortable with any training tools, concepts, and methods prior to enrolling in the board and train program. Ask questions to make sure you understand which type of approach is used and that you feel comfortable with it before signing up.

Make Sure Dogs Receive Regular Exercise and Attention

It’s important to pay attention to how much exercise and attention your dog will receive while in the boarding and training program. Many facilities offer plenty of outdoor space with daily walks, providing an opportunity for both physical activity and mental stimulation. When evaluating programs, make sure you ask about any specific exercise plans that are included in their program as well as the amount of time that your pup will be interacted with on a daily basis. While it is important for dogs to have downtime, it is also important to make sure their mental and physical needs are met during the duration of the board and train.

Ensure There Is Adequate Socialization Time During Training

Socialization is an important component of dog training, as it helps prepare your pup for living in a social, unpredictable world. Make sure the boarding and training program you choose will provide adequate time for your pup to become comfortable around people and other animals, and in general public spaces. Ensure that the trainers understand canine behavior and safety protocol when achieving this goal. Additionally, check if they are providing ongoing training updates so you can see how your pup is progressing and better understand the progress being made around those high level distractions.

Look Into Whether The Program Offers Post-Program Support

After participating in a boarding and training program, you’ll need to be prepared to take your dog home and continue implementing the lessons learned. This can be intimidating (and let’s be real, you won’t be a dog trainer after an hour-long private lesson at graduation), so it’s important to find out what kind of post-program support is offered at the facility. Does the facility provide one-on-one consulting after they board your pup? Graduation packages with follow up emails and resources? Make sure that you are comfortable with the level of support being provided before making your final choice.

Hopefully this helps you on your dog training journey! We have locations in Denver, Colorado and Columbus, Ohio and would love to talk about board and train program options for you and your dog.