Nicky Meyerhoff

Dog Trainer
Brief info

While Nicky is the newest member of our team, she has quickly become "one of us" and has shown herself to be a passionate, hard-working team player.

Prior to her employment with us, she worked at a daycare and boarding facility in California. Managing large packs of dogs, she quickly picked up on pack mentality and how to read a dog’s body language. Nicky quickly worked her way up to Assistant Manager and after having more direct contact with the clients she realized the importance of educating owners on understanding the reasons behind their dog’s behavior and how to manage it. We call this the “WHY” of dog training!

Upon moving to Colorado she started an in-home training business. She continued to educate owners and developed her specialty in working behavioral cases, specifically anxiety. Nicky joined the Dog Dynamix team in June of 2022, eager to refine her training techniques and join a solid team atmosphere.

Nicky has two German Shepherds, Joey and Goose, with whom she spends all of her free time…..deshedding them.