11 May

Integrating a New Adult Dog into the Family

The decision to add a second (or third, etc) adult dog into the family should be weighed carefully. Hopefully, the prospective owners are in a position to pick the perfect dog for their growing pack. If you are on the hunt for the perfect doggy addition, you should consider the size and energy level of your current dog and look for something compatible (not…

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22 Apr

Stop Nuisance Barking

Barking, barking, barking! Stop the barking! Nuisance barking can be SO frustrating. It bothers you, it bothers your neighbors, it bothers everybody.  Nuisance barking is different than barking due to stress, like being left alone. In this post, I’m specifically addressing dogs who bark at other dogs and people when they come near their home.  Some dog breeds are more likely…

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07 Apr

5 Tips for Hiking with Your Dog in Colorado

Colorado is the ideal place to take your dog hiking. It’s great exercise for you, and great exercise for your dog. To help you be prepared for your summer hiking adventures, Denver Dog Dynamics has some tips and tricks to make your hike enjoyable and safe for you and your dog. 1. Train your dog to come when you call…

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