Puppy Training Denver: Our Perfect Puppy Board and Train28 Mar

Puppy Training Denver: Our Perfect Puppy Board and Train

Looking for the best path to a well-trained dog? If so, our puppy boarding and training program curriculum is for you! Your puppy will go through three different training phases in this intensive, all inclusive puppy training program. Your puppy will complete the first stage between the ages of 10 weeks and 4 months. Your puppy will visit us at some point within that age range and remain with us at our training facility for 2 weeks while we train them, working specifically on the following things:

House manners
Discourage inappropriate biting
Beginning potty training
Appropriate socialization to other dogs, people, and environments
Handling for grooming and veterinary care
Leash manners foundation
Greeting people without jumping

We will begin potty training your puppy, and then create a long-term potty training plan for you to follow at home for best success. Each puppy is unique, and some puppies may require significantly more patience and consistency than others. Our overall goal is to develop an enthusiastic, eager-to-please puppy, so we will use your puppy’s food in conjunction with positive reinforcement and other training methods that are most effective for your puppy.

In order to help your puppy acquire appropriate social skills and work to avoid any future aggression or anxiousness issues with other dogs, we will introduce them to well-behaved, socially appropriate dog-friends. To socialize your puppy with people, we will take them out as often as we can to train in new environments! You’ll get regular photo and video updates to keep you informed on all the fun training adventures your puppy has with Dog Dynamix.

When your puppy gets home, we’ll offer you a detailed timetable to follow so you can keep them on the right path as they mature. You will have specific homework assignments to help keep you on track. As your puppy continues to mature, you will have Puppy Day Training package credits, so we can keep up with your puppies progress and make sure things are looking good! Then, at about 7 months of age, your puppy will return to us to complete three weeks of off leash training with an ecollar. During this stage of training, your puppy will learn:

Wait at the door
Walking nicel on a leash (heel)
Coming when called on and off leash
Go to bed (and stay there)

These skills will be practiced in a variety of locations to make sure your puppy knows how to respond under even the heaviest of distractions. But the training doesn’t stop there! You will have continued group dog training classes and post-graduation private lessons to make sure the training sticks. Plus, all training graduates have access to our overnight dog boarding and doggy daycare services, so you can rest assured knowing you’ve found your Denver Dog Training support team for years to come. Dog Dynamix offers the best puppy training program in Denver. Let us show you what a great dog your puppy can become!