Preparing Your Pup for Puppy Daycare and Training26 Oct

Preparing Your Pup for Puppy Daycare and Training

Training should start around twelve weeks with very simple sessions that are also very brief (ten to fifteen minutes). We require puppies to be up to date on vaccines before boarding and that they have a negative fecal test.

Daycare training is for: mental stimulation, exercise, engagement, correcting destructive behaviors (such as barking at cars or chewing shoes) and teaching appropriate skills. Puppies, usually, require three short training sessions a day and a lot of practice at home as well. For the most part, they are taught the main seven commands: no, sit, down, off, stay, heel and come. Some training sessions even include: toilet training, sleep training, confidence building and advanced obedience. 

In order to make their experience as pleasant as possible, you should look for signs that your puppy enjoys daycare. If they perk up and respond positively, or, if they are excited, but also calm when they enter the daycare center, then it is a sure sign that they enjoy the training. However, you should also pay attention to potential signs of distress in case your puppy does not adapt well enough to daycare. In such cases, you can make your puppy feel more comfortable by making sure it has its favorite toys or food and its personal bed and blanket while at the daycare center.

Before enrolling your puppy in a daycare program, you should make sure you find one that provides: qualified trainers, national accreditation, daily report cards, private sessions, controlled interactions, extra supervision, socialization and enriched play. You also need to make sure that you balance daycare and homecare by: taking the puppy for short walks after the training sessions and playing ball or other games with your pet during the weekend. 

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