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Overnight Dog Training Camp
5 weeks
Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
The Perfect Family Doglearn more
Create the perfect family dog and stop problem behaviors before they start! The Perfect Puppy Training Program provides support from start to finish, from potty training and socialization to off-leash obedience.
3 weeks
Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
Off-Leash Dog Obediencelearn more
This board and train program includes off-leash dog obedience training for owners who enjoy strolls through the city, suburbs or great outdoors. This 21 day program is perfect for the urban dweller or the outdoor types who want a well behaved, adventurous dog.
5 weeks
Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
Reactive/Aggressive Doglearn more
This program is required for dogs with any reactivity (growling, lunging, or barking) towards other dogs or people, or who have phobias. This program is for dog owners who are willing and able to work WITH the training and trainer to create a behavior modification plan for the best prognosis for their dog.

What Dog Training Program is Right for Me?

“I have a new puppy that I’d like to get started with training!”

Let’s get that puppy started off right with our Puppy Training Program.

“My dog needs some manners and off-leash training skills!”

They sound like a great fit for our Off Leash Board and Train Program.

“My dog barks and lunges at dogs or people on leash, has fear issues, or is very anxious.”

Your dog would benefit most from our Bootcamp Program.

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    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix

    Teaching a dog commands is not hard, getting the dog to follow commands when there’s distractions, you don’t have a treat on hand, or the dog is excited is where every other trainer I’ve worked with has fallen short. Before Dog Dynamix, we went through group dog training classes and even hired a one on one trainer with little success. We’d graduate each class with flying colors but out in the world my dog would either ignore commands or obey them unreliably.

    My dog completed the 45 day bootcamp and went from only obeying commands when it was convenient to following commands very consistently. I can take him for off leash runs now and know that if I call him, he’ll come immediately. If he finds a piece of food or trash on the ground and I say drop it, he will drop it. This class has made him much safer and it’s improved his quality of life because I can bring him almost everywhere I go and let him explore off leash. My relationship with him is also much more positive than it was before because I’m not fighting him to get him to behave himself. I’m constantly recommending this program to people who ask me how I trained my dog, and although it is expensive it is absolutely one of the best investments I have ever made.” – KATIE N.

    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix

    It’s rare that I have an experience with a business that I feel warrants a review, good or bad, but I have been blown away with Dog Dynamix. We put our puppy through the Perfect Puppy Program, and it was the way decision I’ve ever made. They set our puppy up with a great foundation and we now have a puppy we can enjoy and bond with, and the trust we have in our dog after this program is something we could have never achieved on our own. Our walks went from a constant battle of pulling on the leash and reacting to every sight and sound to a calm, enjoyable walk for both of us. He listens to us the first time, every time. I get compliments from his behavior every single time we are out. Not only did they train our dog, but they also spent multiple sessions with us to teach us skills to use on our own in order to keep his training up. As first time dog owners, this has been extremely helpful. We have been impressed with all of the trainers and the time and energy they put into their dogs is incredible. I can’t thank Dog Dynamix enough. This program is truly invaluable and would say that Dog Dynamix is a non-negotiable for anyone thinking about getting a puppy. Thank you guys!!” – APRIL C.

    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
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    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Joan Schiller
    Best trading ever. My dog was an unruly jumper, pulled on walks, lurched at other dogs. I dreaded our daily walks! Now she allows me to leash her easily and is so well behaved. I truly look forward to our daily walks. Shaina and Lisa... are magicians. I travel from Centennial to Arvada for the training and it is definitely worth the drive!read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Nina Baldacci Sloan
    We are incredibly pleased with our experience. Our pit/lab mix pup is about a year and a half old now. When we adopted him at 4 months old it was our absolute intention to train him. Little did we know what curve balls life held for us in... 2019 and 2020. We were spread so thin we finally came to a resolve that if we wanted the well trained pup that could truly be a part of our family at home or in our recreational adventures, we'd need outside help... not to mention that we had NO idea he'd grow to be so big and strong (just under 100 lbs). Lisa and her team have been amazing. While the goodbye for the Colorado Companion Board & Train experience was hard, the weekly report cards and videos helped, and the pup that has returned to us is blowing our minds away. Before he left, we were unable to take him out into the neighborhood because he was so over excitable and unpredictable. Since he's been home we have been on walks daily. The first time a rabbit shot across our path, I gave his command and he immediately complied and ignored. Mind blowing. He also has wonderful manners around the house, and he has found his sweet personality with us and the kids. He is still boisterous and funny, but more calm and collected at the same time. We love all of the philosophies behind this training program, but would advise that people understand that no program is one and done. If you want to keep the results, you too have to put in the work as the owner. We are excited about how this program is making us better dog owners too. We are grateful to Lisa and her team for investing themselves so deeply in our pup and would absolutely recommend the more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Susan Pietro
    Lisa was very honest about my aggressive dog, I wish that I had listened to her advice although it was very hard to hear.I now have my new puppy training with her to be a therapy dog.Another thing about the business is how adaptable they... have been to my changing circumstances. I highly recommend more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Beth Dillon
    They are the best trainers. We will only board Rosie and Maddox With Dog Dynamics. We have worked with Dog Dynamics for over 10 years. They are simply the best!
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Kate Lowrey
    Hands down the best trainers I have ever worked with. I reached out to Dog Dynamix (Lisa, Shaina, and Sophie specifically) when I had no idea what to do next. We had already tried 2 trainers and 1 behaviorist for my reactive German... Shepherd/Belgian Malinois and things were getting worse. After the 30 day board and train he is a completely different dog and I couldn't be more thankful for their guidance. We continue to attend classes to keep up with the foundations they set. Before Dog Dynamix- It was anxiety provoking and a chore to walk bear around the neighborhood. Now we can take him for hikes and walks around wash park. We won't trust anyone else with Bear!!read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Melanie Mills
    Hands down the best training facility we have worked with for our highly reactive German Shepherd & our very anxious mixed breed little dog. They are the only people we are comfortable leaving our dogs with when we are out of town. Thank... you for all you have done & continue to do for Wren & more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Samantha Miller Millican
    We are so happy we found Dog Dynamix - they are amazing! Our Belgian Malinois participated in the 14 day board and train program and we were so pleased with the results. He learned so much in just two weeks and we learned so much about how... to keep up his training in the one-on-one session they do at the end. Since then we've boarded him many times, done day training, and participated in a year of agility classes with Shaina. Every experience we've had at Dog Dynamix has been wonderful. Shaina has a wealth of knowledge on dog training, is fun to work with, and is very patient with us and our high energy pup. Whether you are having serious issues with your dog or you just want a fun class to build your dog's confidence and release some energy, I highly recommend Dog more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Samantha Schwarz
    Our dog Copper participated in the 30 day board and train program and we could not be happier with the results! We would highly recommend Dog Dynamix for all of your boarding and training needs!
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Maddie Maz
    The best training facility in Denver! My German Shepherd and I did private lessons with Shaina. She was extremely patient with me and amazing with my boy. She taught us so many useful training techniques and even went over proper dog... etiquette (as he is my first dog). We continue to sign up for classes and drop in to group training for refreshers and fun! Every trainer I’ve worked with is very knowledgable and professional! We will continue to train at Dog Dynamix as long as we can 🙂read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Ann Roeber
    We can't thank this wonderful group of folks enough! They have helped us with all basic and more obedience training with our girl, since she was a little bitty pup. We've even had the pleasure of having help in our own home, when our... living situation was less than ideal and presented challenges for us. Shaina is amazing and works so very well with Scarlett and is is fabulous at helping the humans learn what we should be doing! 🙂read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Jordan Senior
    We enrolled our newly adopted dog, Peanut, in a 45 day board and train program (The Dynamic Dog) while we moved across the country and went on our honeymoon. I was so thankful to have a safe and stimulating place for our baby to stay while... we had some major life changes going on. Our pup had been over socialized by frequent trips to doggy daycare which turned into some leash reactivity and bad manners. Our pup completely transformed those 45 days AND we became more educated (and I’d like to think overall more capable) pup parents. We learned that Peanut was highly food motivated, VERY smart (which we already knew but this was a new level) and very much in need of a stronger pack leader. We learned how to properly use commands, guide Peanut on leash, and an e-collar. This training program was incredible for us and changed our lives in a very positive way. These folks know what they’re doing and it shows from their videos - all it takes is a little patience and the right knowledge to become the best pet owner you can be! Thank you Dog Dynamix!read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Kate Clark
    Kind and consistent are the words that come to mind. I’m hooked on agility with my pup.
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Chris Cumpton
    Pepper is so much more fun to have around now. She's always had a great personality but we struggled with her training. She would bolt everytime we opened the door, only sit or come when she wanted to, and was terrible on a leash. All... that has changed since her training. She actually seems to enjoy doing what we tell her too. Thank you so much for training more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Katie Mitchell
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Lori Niblo Carothers
    We needed a neutral party to train our strong-willed one year old boxer. Lisa and Shana we’re very successful in teaching Phoebe to heel & stop jumping, amongst other things. We are very grateful for a fresh start with her being more... obedient, and greatly improved focus!read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Carolyn Cook Culhane
    I have the world’s best dog thanks to Shaina, Lisa, and Hanna. Their combined knowledge can solve any problem you have and they truly care about the dogs and their owners. Best decision I ever made was taking my rescue pup here.
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Steven Matthews
    So sad that it has taken me this long to finally write this review but better late than never! We rescued a lab/shepherd mix almost 2 years ago and within the first 6 months, we were facing challenges left and right. Between the aggression... and the separation anxiety alone, we were at a loss. We finally bit the bullet and signed her up for their 30 day board and train program with Dog Dynamix, and if that wasn't the definition of money well spent, then I don't know what is. After 30 days, we had the same wild and spunky dog, minus the traits that lead us there in the first place, plus a huge new set of skills and purpose. The program works, and it works well. The facility is great, the people are great, and they have such a positive impact on our pup. We continue to bring her there to this day (it's been over a year) and I wouldn't want to bring her anywhere else. We treat Dog Dynamix as a 2nd home for our pup and suggest anyone in a similar position to do the same!read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Julie Navarrette
    Archie and I have only had our consultation, but he will soon be starting agility training. We are really looking forward to it!
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Becca RoseLee
    Shaina's training methods are effective, fun, and produce quick results! Before I came to Dog Dynamix, I knew how to teach tricks all day long but I was not confident in my manners training skills - the results I've seen are amazing! My... training confidence has skyrocketed and our dog couldn't be happier. This is also the only trainer that I've found to host group e-collar training classes - AWESOMEread more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Tim Mills
    Dog Dynamix uses a balanced approach, has taught me techniques that have done wonders for my dog's reactivity and offer classes for all kinds of dog sports to keep your furry companion fit and mentally challenged. So far my GSD and I have... done two levels of obedience, a beginning nosework class, a rally class and attend weekly rally practice sessions. I learn something fascinating and new from Lisa and Shania every time I'm in the building. They have opened up a whole new world of dog sports and helped me build a strong relationship with my dog. We're now putting them to the test by enrolling our 14-lb, 3-legged, mixed breed dog in an agility class. I have no doubts they'll do wonders for her confidence and skills and we'll have a lot of fun along the more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Carol Capri
    My favorite place to do fun and interesting classes with both of my Dalmatians, Blue and Sage. Blue is now titled in Rally Novice and Sage loves her Agility class, thanks to the expertise and knowledge of Shaina and the Dog Dynamix team. ... I highly recommend Dog Dynamix!!!!read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Nicole Redmond
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Adrienne Schnelle Shakespeare
    I met Lisa 6 years ago when I was interested in doing some basic obedience training with our young rescue dog. I had no idea I'd get so sucked into the world of dog training! Over that time we did multiple levels of obedience, rally,... tricks, agility, and nosework classes. I have learned so much about dog behavior, my dog, and myself from working with Lisa. When we recently adopted a new (very shy) dog I knew I wanted to take her to Dog Dynamix for Level 1 obedience and the controlled exposure she would get to other dogs and a different environment. Shaina taught the class and although the training basics were the same as the Level 1 class I previously took with my other dog, there were some updates to the training techniques based on the ongoing education of the Dog Dynamix trainers. The training programs evolve as the trainers continue their education. I've learned so much from watching the other dog/handler combinations in the group setting, and the trainers personalize the feedback based on each dog/handler's challenges- this isn't one size fits all training. We also board with Dog Dynamix and love that our dogs are getting individualized attention, and all of the training we've done is reinforced while we are out of town. I couldn't be happier with the results I've achieved by training with Dog Dynamix and highly recommend their services!read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Tiffany Foote
    Dog Dynamix is the place to go if your dog is needing training. My experience has been wonderful with them and they create amazing results.
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    David Osse
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Denis Zvekic
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Blair Brown
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Judy Dain
    Ziggy has gone once a week to daycare and I just dropped her off for a 2 week Board and Stay. This is my first vacation away from my puppy and I feel confident leaving her with Lisa, Aly, Becka and Shana. Ziggy is happy when we walk in.... The facility is very clean!read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Kelly Ann Taylor
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Shelby Stern
    Piper completed a 2 week Board and Stay, she has spent several additional weekends and completed the 6 week agility session. She gets so excited when she knows he is going to Dog Dynamix, it makes it that much easier to travel, we know... she is safe, happy and having a ton of fun while learning new tricks!! Everyone there is so friendly and truly cares for the well-being of each animal. We highly recommend Dog Dynamix for training and boarding. Piper can't wait for our next trip so she can spend time with her friends at Dog Dynamix! Thank you!!!read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Oscar Mora
    Lisa and her team are doing great things. Awesome facility and staff.
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Krissy Malone
    Lisa is amazing! She has helped train our year old frenchie to be mannerly & attentive. When I brought her to train with Lisa our pup was a crazy, wild, & mildly aggressive. Lisa is patient, honest, and kind with her teaching & training... every single time!!!! I felt like each personal training session was packed full of practicing commands and correcting my handler mistakes. I left every time with new and helpful commands to make my pups' life and my life better. She also learned quickly my pups behavior and what steps to take to get the best results!!! I highly recommend anyone who has a dog start training with Lisa ASAP. Has changed my world!!!!!read more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    David Broderick
    Lisa goes above and beyond with each dog she trains. I value her advice and love training with her. If you have the chance I'd highly recommend her!
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Kelsey Beisman
    Well worth the money for the quality of instruction I received. If I could afford to take my dog there everyday I would! The Introduction to Agility class greatly increased my nervous border collie's confidence and more significantly made... me a much better handler. Lisa is welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. I have nothing negative to say about my more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    David Broderick
    Lisa is an incredible trainer, I can't thank her enough for the help with my two dogs. She sees things that other trainers miss and gets great results very fast. I love how she makes my dogs like part of her family and spends a lot of time... on each dog. I would highly recommend her to anyoneread more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    John Van Soest
    We've worked with Lisa to train all our dogs, and we've worked on various skills and disciplines. Lisa will treat you, and your dog, with respect. The other great thing about working with Lisa is she is always learning, always looking... for new and better ways of teaching people (oh, and the dogs, too). The work Lisa does is balanced and I never feel like we are forcing our dogs or pressuring them into more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Kristi Davis
    So, I have two German shepherds and they just spent a couple weeks with Lisa. They are now home and amazing. Lisa is awesome she has created a strong base of training for my Rommel and Raina. Now.. My work begins to keep up the great work.
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Becca Parsons Murphy
    Lisa is amazing! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends and family (and I am very picky when it comes to my dogs!). Whether you are seeking help for basic obedience, a behavioral issue, or possibly some assistance... growing your skills in a dog-related sport, she is more than capable of helping you reach your more
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Bryan Campbell
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix
    Larisa Gerace
    Lisa is an amazing trainer to all levels and skill sets. I have an amazing dog because of Lisa's guidance and expertise. If you love what you do then it's not work, a statement that whole heartedly applies to Lisa and her enthusiasm to... all things dogs!read more
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    • One-on-One Private Lessons
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    Meet The Dog Trainers

    Board & Train Behavior Specialists
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix

    Nicole Redmond

    Dog Trainer
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix

    Natalie Moya

    Dog Trainer
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix

    Lisa Lucero

    Owner and Head Trainer - Over 16 Years Experience
    Overnight Training Programs and Pricing, Dog Dynamix

    Brittany McCullough

    Dog Trainer