New Puppy Training Tips from a Denver Dog Trainer21 Mar

New Puppy Training Tips from a Denver Dog Trainer<./h1>

Begin early

Starting early is the most important thing to remember when training your new puppy. Work on basic commands like sit, stay, come, and heel as soon as you bring your puppy home. When training a puppy, consistency is essential, so schedule daily time to practice these commands.


Potty training is a very important component of puppy training. Although it can be difficult if you give your puppy too much freedom, this is one of the most crucial components of raising a new puppy. Establish a consistent plan for feeding, walking, and going outdoors in order to potty train your puppy. Your puppy will learn when it is okay to use the potty in no time, if you keep them on schedule.

Reward, reward, reward!

Puppy training includes a significant amount of positive reinforcement. This entails rewarding your dog for excellent behavior as much as possible. Playtime, praise, and treats are all excellent methods to show your puppy appreciation for good behavior.


Puppy training also includes socialization, which is critical. By exposing your puppy to various people, animals, and settings, you are helping them grow into a confident dog who feels at ease in a variety of circumstances.


It’s critical to keep in mind that each puppy is unique and may learn at a different rate. If your puppy doesn’t seem to be picking up the new behavior right away, have patience and try again later. Your puppy will acquire new skills and mature into a well-mannered adult dog with patience, consistency, and time.

Finally, although training your new puppy might be a lot of effort, doing it correctly now will bring you years of enjoyment with your dog. If you need help, contact us for puppy training information.