Muzzle Training Your Dog


1.  measure from 1/4 to 1/2 inch below dog’s eyes to the very tip of it’s nose….this is your most important
measurement and needs to be as exact as possible!!!

2.  measure the circumference at the widest point around the dog’s mouth  …add 2 -3 inches.

3.  some companies also want a measurement from just behind the back of the head and to the tip of the

Companies to try:


A few others to try:

Introducing the dog to the muzzle:

1.  GO SLOWLY!!!  Take your time with this.  Begin by giving the dog a muzzle command such as “get in
there” or “get it.”  Using a large pot or other food container, place a small bit of a favorite treat or food and give the dog the command.  If the dog reaches in for the food, praise lavishly.  Gradually reduce the size of the container until the dog will willingly put its nose into smaller and smaller spaces.

2.  Give the muzzle a comical or cute name, to reduce the dog’s stress that may come from your negative
tone of voice with the word ‘muzzle’.

3.  Use a favorite food (even smear a touch of peanut butter on the inside of the front of the muzzle) to
encourage the dog to stick it’s snout into the muzzle willingly.

4.  Only work for 3 to 5 minutes at t time, then gradually increase the time the dog will let the muzzle rest on its nose.

5.  Eventually, buckle the muzzle loosely and walk the dog around with it – continuing to treat and praise

6.  As the dog begins to look forward to the muzzle training sessions, try snugging it to its proper fit (continue praise & treats) and take some short walks.


1.  Never leave a muzzle on an unattended, unsupervised dog.

2.  Be sure the dog can pant fully with the muzzle on.

3.  If the dog is unwilling/unable to eat or drink with the muzzle on, give it breaks to be sure it drinks and can eat regularly.

Training Goal:

The dog needs to be comfortable wearing the muzzle for 15 to 20 minutes at a time without fighting against it, or trying to remove it with paws or by rubbing his or her face on the ground, etc.

Public Opinion:

1.  Be PREPARED – you will get flak from someone, at some point about muzzling your dog.  

2.  Whatever your personal communication style is, be ready with your answer (even if the answer is to hand them my business card, LOL).

3.  Keep in mind that choosing to muzzle your dog is a smart, responsible thing to do.  It allows your dog to be safe & confident in public or stressful situations and protects you, the dog, and others from extreme harm by you making this responsible choice.