How to Prepare Your Dog for Off Leash Dog Training in Colorado

When most people think about dog training, they envision specialized obedience skills such as teaching your dog to roll over and play dead. However, off leash dog training in Colorado is a lot more than that. Aside from the basics of dog training, it also involves the skills your dog needs to walk or hike with you while not being strapped to a leash. The skills required for this type of training are usually more advanced, and you’ll find that it’s often best to hire a professional to train your dog properly.

board dog training

Being off the leash could lead to dogs developing behavioral patterns that might undermine the master’s commands and wishes. As such, most board dog training experts will recommend that you try out some of the teaching methods in advance, in an enclosed space, to make sure your K9 companion is ready to take it to the next step once the serious outdoor training begins.

Practice rewarding normal behavior and make sure your dog realizes the difference between being strapped to the leash and being free of it. Short, in-door training sessions with the leash off can be very helpful as a preparation method. You can also try some off-leash training in the back yard and in safe outdoor areas like a park that isn’t too crowded. Once you feel your pooch is ready, you can consider hiring a professional Colorado trainer for the more difficult off-leash training activities.