4th of July 2022

Each year, we offer a special camping trip experience over the 4th of July week. Graduates of our programs get to run, bike ride, and explore the mountains far away from fireworks and the madness of city life. All of our staff loads up their assigned training dogs and we spend that week enjoying friendship with our two-legged and four-legged pals. It is the epitome of why we do what we do — there is nothing like watching well-trained dogs enjoy Colorado life to the fullest.


Stormy, Velo and Bogey are housemates who each needed a bit of fine tuning! They spent a few weeks with us in November of 2022 for some intensive off leash dog training, and in that time, they learned critical advanced obedience skills that will make life together much more enjoyable! Our Colorado Companion program was the perfect fit to work on their off-leash recall (they live part time in the mountains!), leash manners for when they head into town, and general house manners since they are BIG, playful dogs.


Benji completed our off-leash training program in November. Previously reactive towards dogs, it was hard for his owner to enjoy training him during her 4H Club days.
Here is what his owner had to say about training with Dog Dynamix: “I dropped off a sweet, anxious, reactive dog with little to no self-control, and picked up the same sweet dog, but with an amazing ability to be calm in new surroundings, and ready to listen to me, even in the midst of excitement. He has more confidence, and is an absolute joy to be around with his new obedience skills. Thank you for giving my dog the skills to be successful and pleasant to be around, and giving me the tools to continue on the great foundation you’ve given him!” – Nicole B.


Waylon began our Perfect Puppy Program in February of 2022. In 8 months, he went from an adorable little fluff to an off leash trained, go anywhere type of dog. We continue to see him regularly through our Refresher Boarding and Day Camp follow up perks which keep him on track as he continues to mature.
Here is what Waylon’s dad had to say about their experience:
“Our puppy was taken care of and learned incredible new skills! He loved the whole training process and seems happier than ever! Would highly recommend.”


Sweet as pie, but a BIG GIRL! Ellie began her journey with us in May of 2022 via our Perfect Puppy Program. We knew right away this girl was special! She is an absolute doll with people and other dogs, but needed a little bit of confidence building and some good skills since she’s growing like a weed. Through our multi-phased puppy program, Ellie has exceled and will represent what a large breed dog should behave like out in public.


This handsome lug joined the Dog Dynamix family in March of 2022. Gordon enrolled in our Perfect Puppy Program, so we could help mold him into the best Golden Boy he could be! He completed the off-leash portion of his training this summer and is well on his way to being the well-trained dog his owners dreamed of.


Max first began training with Dog Dynamix in February of 2019 as a (Great Dane sized) puppy. He quickly made his way to one of our most regular clients, utilizing our Refresher Training Camps often over the years. Max is the poster child for Off Leash Dog Training. His skills are top notch and incredibly reliable, which is very important due to his intimidating size! His owner dedicated himself to setting Maximus up to succeed young, and it has paid off big time!