Mouthfuls is a great local supply store for all things dog and cat.

Ruffswag has great leashes, collars, and training toys.

Undrdog carries awesome training vests like the pros use!

Dtown training gear offers training gear with style. We love our hoodies!

KBC Kennels if your dog is difficult to kennel, or an escape artist, this kennel is for you! It’s also airline approved (with rails). Hero flew to the FCI World Championship 2021 in his.


We LOVE our Veterinarian. Dr. Shiarella, with Western Animal Clinic. We highly recommend his services to all dogs in the Denver area.

Does your dog have joint, back or muscular problems? Active dogs can benefit from the same care as human athletes. A muscle strain or other injury can really set back our training. We love Kristyn Richardson, DVM, who’s specialty is Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. She offers regular clinics at our facility.