Dog Dynamix Dog Training Process

If you are frustrated with selective hearing, pulling on the leash, over-excitement, jumping, nipping, barking, rushing out the door, or other nuisance house behavior, we can help! We specialize in dog training that is designed for dog owners who want to enjoy city life, neighborhood outings or off-leash adventures. Enjoying activities like hiking, biking, swimming, camping, restaurant patios or breweries, or traveling, is much easier when you have a well-trained dog.

, Our Process,

We use positive reinforcement to help the dog feel great about learning and participation!

We continue to reward the correct responses, but discourage the “bad” behaviors through thoughtful correction.

We take your dog to challenge their skills in new environments, like parks and dog-friendly stores to make sure the training is solid in the ‘real world.’

Core Dog Training Skills

Happy, Healthy and Safe Dog Handling

On-leash training
Off-leash training
Come when called
No door bolting
Leave it (that’s not for you)
Respecting personal space
Calm inside the house

Meet The Dog Trainers

Board & Train Behavior Specialists
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Shaina Zimmerman

Customer Care and Ohio Dog Trainer
, Our Process,

Nicky Meyerhoff

Dog Trainer
, Our Process,

Brittany McCullough

Dog Trainer
, Our Process,

Lisa Lucero

Owner and Head Trainer - Over 16 Years Experience