Busy? Dog Training in 5 minutes!

Happy New Year, from Dog Dynamix! It was crazy busy at the Denver facility for the holidays, which got us thinking….. Everybody is SO BUSY, that sometimes it’s hard to find time for dog training. Here are some tips and tricks for some quick obedience lessons that you can work on while getting your every-day routine out of the way.

Here are some dog training suggestions for doing just that:


Feeding time is the perfect time to get your dog to learn to earn. Ask for a sit and/or down before offering up their dish. You are working on a puppy training skill that you need in the world, as well as practicing patience. You can add wait and stay (below) to this exercise as well, to kick it up a notch!


Practice this command when need to have your door open while you bring in groceries, or packages, to allow guests to enter your home, or to be let in or outside. Impulse control is one of the most important concepts in dog training.


“Stay” should mean, “do not move until I come back for you.” Practice this in your home if you need to walk across the room for a moment – to refill your bee……. er, water. Did I mention we enjoyed French Pear Martinis on Christmas? I recommend pear-ing with frozen cranberries in your tini instead of the sugar rim. But the rest is pure GOLD. The prep is quick; perfect for some down or sit and stay practice.

“Sit-stay” can also be used on your walk when you stop for poop patrol, or if your dog is easily distracted by other dogs or people. It’s also not a bad command to use when a car is approaching, or at the crosswalk, either.

Come, Here or Your Own Recall Word

A solid recall is the most important dog training skill, and you can practice this so many times in your daily routine. When it’s time for a walk, for mealtime, to go out for the last potty of the night, or simply just because. Be sure to use a long line for training your dog to come to you when out in the world, if they haven’t had ecollar training.


We like to use dog cots for the “Place” command, but a throw rug or a dog bed will do. “Place” means go to your spot and stay there. This command can be used when the doorbell rings, when guests arrive, or during the sit down dinner. You can train ‘Place’ if you want to watch the game or a movie….. Or anytime you want everyone to relax. This is also a super dog training skill for teaching your pooch to chill out.

Dog Dynamix offers lots of dog training program options to help you make the most of your relationship with your dog. Contact us, and we will help find the right program of dog training to fit your needs.