Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see where my dog will be staying?

We take pride in keeping our facility clean, safe, and feeling like home for your dogs. You will receive a tour of the facility during your evaluation. You can also check out the Virtual Tour here.

What are the benefits to board and train programs? 

  1. Time is of the essence – Most dog training classes last a minimum of 6 weeks, and in that time, barely cover leash walking. In addition, private dog training and group dog training classes require the owner to practice (daily) what they’ve learned in class that week. If your schedule gets busy, and you can’t practice the training, your dog will fall behind and you won’t meet your training goals. Dog training is all we do, and we love it! Our programs are designed to meet your training goals in a condensed period of time.

  2. Convenience – Do you need to find care for you dog for an upcoming vacation? Doesn’t it make sense for your dog to utilize that time learning good behaviors, instead of developing bad ones? Most boarding facilities are too full and busy to control barking, jumping, pulling on leash, and other nuisance behaviors. Your dog can train, stay and play while you’re away through our Board and Train Programs. We exercise their mind and body. Out of control play groups create out of control dogs. At Dog Dynamix, your dog won’t pick up bad habits. Our emphasis is better behavior, and happily obedient dogs.

  3. Dog and Owner limitations – Some dogs require special handling or have behaviors that present a danger to the client or the public. Some clients might have mobility issues or may be elderly and aren’t physically capable of practicing the training techniques. Leave it to the pros. We will take excellent care of your dog and be sure that you get the training you need.

  4. Board and Train is Perfect for New or Expecting Parents – Are you expecting? Or have you recently had the joy of bringing your new baby home? Board and Train is the perfect place for your dog to learn obedience and baby-manners in a short amount of time. Let us give your dog the one-on-one attention it deserves, while allowing you to focus on establishing your routine with the new baby.

What are the benefits to Day Training programs? 

  1. Our Day Training program allows your dog the opportunity to exercise their mind AND body while you are working, rather than hanging out at home or going to a daycare where they aren’t learning good habits.

  2. Attending Doggy Daycare Training a few times a week will get you excellent training results, without having to send your dog away for weeks on end! We know that a lot of people struggle with the thought of separating from their dog for 3-weeks, but want the quality results of a Boarding and Training program. Our program is designed to help you get your dog where you want them to be, while still keeping them home with you every evening.
  3. Our dog Day Training program includes all of the same perks as a Board and Train, including field trips, training equipment, follow up lessons, group practice classes, and the ability to attend refresher boarding stays.

How do you make sure the dog responds to me when the program ends? 

All of our training options include trainer support and follow up private lessons, group classes, and the necessary equipment to ensure success. We want you to feel confident that you can maintain the training for the life of your dog, and that we are here for you.

What tools/methods do you use to train dogs?

All of our obedience programs utilize balanced training, meaning we utilize a combination of rewards and consequences. Our goal is happy, motivated dogs that get to do more as a result of reliable, advanced dog training methods. We use a LOT of positive reinforcement to teach the dog the skills, layer over the leash, and once the behavior is known we teach them the e-collar for off leash reliability. We want dogs to go more and do more with their family safely, humanely, and in a way that does not impede on other people. We are proud of our results we achieve and how good dog training opens up the world for dogs in ways most never dreamed possible. Check out some of our past graduates to see what we mean: Past Graduates

Will there be updates on my dog’s progress?

We provide detailed updates via a private link to a Google Drive containing regular photo and video updates of your dogs’ progress. In addition, we post photos and videos to social media (Facebook and Instagram).

How often do you train the dogs?

Every dog receives two training sessions per day, typically lasting about 20 minutes each. Once the dogs have solid skills inside the training center we take them on regular outings to parks, stores, trails, and patios to expose them to new distractions, and make sure they can perform reliably in a variety of situations. Dogs that are friendly with other dogs may get some social time with other training dog or our personal dogs, while dogs that prefer human company get one-on-one play sessions.

Here’s an outline of the dog’s schedule:

Daily schedules are typically as follows, however it does change slightly during the day to day, as some days trainers have send home lessons, group classes, or issues that necessitate schedule variability.

7:00am – Dogs go outside to potty while cleaning takes place inside (crates vacuumed and mopped, bedding freshened, water replaced, floors disinfected)

8:00am – Training sessions begin

10:00am – Field Trips begin in summer to beat the heat (for dogs ready to work in new places)

11:30am – Small Play Group Time rotation in yard for social dogs, treadmill or one-on-one play for dogs who prefer human company

12:00pm – Field Trips begin in winter (for dogs ready to work in new places)

1:00pm – 2:30pm – Dogs are crated indoors with a frozen kong while the outdoor areas are disinfected

3:00pm – Dogs are rotated back outside, second training sessions begin

9:30pm – Last potty rotation

This is a rough outline as each dogs individual daily needs will vary — we may take an afternoon neighborhood walk instead of a training or play session, or we may head to the mountains to hike for the day, and sometimes we have to limit the session based on the dog’s motivation levels.

If the weather does not allow for dogs to be outside as often, we will up the length of playtime, training sessions, and treadmill times so the dogs are tired. It does us no good to have dogs that are understimulated and worked up! While we want to make sure that dogs practice downtime while they are with us and are able to relax, we also want to make sure they are mentally satisfied and physically tired each day.

What is the process for signing up for a dog training program?

  1. Familiarize yourself with our program offerings HERE

  2. Schedule a time to chat with a trainer.
  3. After our consultation, if you want to move forward with booking a reservation, we will take a deposit to hold the stay and get your pooch on the calendar!

  4. Drop off and pay for the remainder of the program.

What if I need to cancel or move the program dates?

Please click here to see our current cancelation policy.

What makes you different from other trainers?

Our training methodology is heavily based on rewarding a dog for a job well done. We use praise, treats, toy and play rewards for teaching the skills we want the dog to know. After all, how many of us work for free? However, after the dog understands what is expected of them, they must also understand that following commands is not up for debate. We provide a complete and balanced approach to training dogs and their owners using proven scientific principles.

What makes a dog trainer an expert? Choosing a dog trainer is a difficult decision. Does the trainer hold titles in any dog sports? Do they belong to any dog training organizations? Do they have a ‘demo-dog’? Any trainer should be able to demonstrate their proficiency. Our trainers are versed in all quadrants of learning, understand dog behavior, and can help you find the right training solutions for your dog and family. Check out more information about our trainers HERE.

Most dogs in training programs do not leave the facility. ALL of the dogs in our care go on regular field trips. Not only does that provide enrichment for the dogs, but it allows them to experience and learn training in the places their owners will be taking them.

What behaviors can you address in your dog training programs?

Our dog trainers have extensive experience addressing the following behaviors:

  • pulling on leash
  • jumping on guests
  • bolting out the door
  • chasing cats, chickens, rabbits, or other prey items
  • potty training
  • crate training
  • not coming back when called
  • selective listening
  • resource guarding
  • anxiety in public
  • fear aggression
  • confidence issues
  • general disobedience
  • barking and lunging at dogs or people
  • mouthing/play biting
  • barking through the fence or at the front door
  • car chasing
  • … and much more!

Can I visit my dog during a Board and Train stay?

We recommend using discretion and asking your trainer for their opinion. For some dogs, the act of seeing their owner partway through the training can disrupt their program and cause them to regress for a few days, resulting in us not being able to push through as quickly to the next step. If your dog has separation anxiety, or a major lack of impulse control when you are around, visiting may not be recommended. While we will NEVER tell an owner that they cannot visit their dog, it’s important to evaluate if the visit is beneficial for the dog or not. We cannot accommodate visits with other household dogs during the stay.

Are there specific program start dates?

We are able to accommodate most requested dates! If you are trying to plan around time away from home, let us know. We can likely make it happen!

Do you use crates during their stay?

YES, and dogs must be crate or x-pen trained prior to enrolling in a program. Need advice? Let us know and we can discuss!

How much does dog training cost?

Our Day Training program begins at $2795 for a 15-day package, while our boarding and training program is $3495 for three weeks. This price includes the training itself, follow up lessons, group practice classes, and recommend training equipment! Prices will vary depending on program duration and any behavioral concerns (aggression, reactivity, high anxiety, or otherwise) so we recommend checking out our Programs and Pricing pages for more information.

Do you offer payment plans or financing?

We accept PayPal Credit as a form of payment which offers a 0% interest payment plan. You can apply directly through their website, and if approved we can send you an invoice.