Is Your Pooch Cut Out for Dog Training Camp?02 Nov

Is Your Pooch Cut Out for Dog Training Camp?

During dog training camp, your pet lives at the camp for two, three or even four weeks. It is ideal for busy families with dogs or busy owners who want a break from stressful walks with their pets. The environment makes the dog happy and relaxed and all stress is removed from the process of training because the trainer and the dog get to spend more time together and have the chance to bond. 

The training plan is, usually, clear and simple and it is meant to completely transform the dog’s behavior. In addition, the camp is organized like a family home, which is why the dog will perceive it as a safe/secure, caring and positive environment. There will be no interruptions in the training schedule and it will first start with positive training methods.  

All breeds of dogs are welcome even though success is not guaranteed for all. The training plan includes: basic to advanced obedience (or even full obedience training for longer stays), puppy training (play biting), puppy socialization, sleep training, separation training, confidence building, positive experiences, improved lead walking, impulse control and manners in public. Trainers can also help improve social skills and teach household manners such as toilet training. Some of them even rehabilitate rescue dogs and teach essential skills to therapy dogs. They offer an excellent foundation of training around distractions and use a broad variety of training exercises. For rescue dogs in particular, they provide customized training programs meant to break bad habits such as: aggressive behavior around children, lead pulling, barking at cars, biting and jumping. For reactive dogs (that are constantly lunging and showing aggression towards people or other pets), finding the root cause of bad behavior is essential. If the dog acts out of fear or frustration, then trainers know exactly how to improve the dog’s focus and engagement through basic or advanced training.

At the end, the staff members provide the owners with a comprehensive training guidebook and video tutorials to continue training at home. All in all, almost any pooch can go through dog training camp because it is designed to accommodate all breeds and all needs.