Finding the Best Dog Training and Boarding Denver25 Jan

Finding the Best Dog Training and Boarding Denver

Finding a reliable board and train service in the Denver area can be difficult. But with the right research and resources, you can locate a dog trainer that will provide the best possible training and care for your pup. This guide provides information on what services to look for in a board and train center, how to choose the right fit for your pup, and where to find quality programs in Denver.

Research local trainers and compare styles.

While it may be tempting to hire the first dog board and train company you find online, research is key for finding the best fit for your pup. Compare trainers in your area and explore their styles of training. What is their methodology? Do you feel comfortable with their solutions to your concerns, or do you feel the answers are overly generic or vague? You should compare a minimum of 2-3 dog trainers near you, so that you get an idea of what is the same between them but also what varies (follow up lessons, owner coaching, post-graduation perks like future dog boarding and daycare, etc). Look at reviews from previous clients to get a better sense of their experience and how satisfied they have been with the training results.

Ask for references from past board and train clients.

Take your research one step further by asking for references from past board and train clients. At Dog Dynamix, we would be happy to show you examples of happy past training clients! Speak with past clients to get a better understanding of their experience, whether they would recommend the trainer, and which aspects of their board and train program they liked or disliked. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask the tough questions such as how well their pup responded to training, whether there were any problems that came up during the program, and how willing the trainer was to address them once their dog returned home.

Visit the facility if possible.

Most professional training facilities offer an opportunity for you to come and meet the trainer and see where your dog will be staying while in their care. If the trainers offer a demonstration of their dog training with a current train and board student, make sure to take note of the trainer’s interactions with the dogs, their level of energy and enthusiasm, if they demonstrate clear communication between themselves and the pup, and the overall behavior of the dog. If facility tours are unavailable for any reason, ask for photo or video tours of the facility. You should be able to know exactly where your dog will be staying for the duration of the training program.

We hope this helps you narrow down your selection for boarding and training programs near you. Remember, it is absolutely appropriate to do some research and determine what type of training is best for your pup as well as ask potential trainers questions about their methods and general information, such as: What qualifications do you have? Do you adhere to specific ethical guidelines or protocols? What types of rewards do you use? Are there any restrictions on dog breeds or age? How flexible is the board and train program – can we choose the length of time or do you have set program durations? All of this information will help ensure your dog ends up with the right dog trainer near you to meet your needs. Happy training!