The Truth About Dog Parks

Every day in Denver, a scene like this unfolds:


In theory, Dog Parks serve as an outlet for our dogs’ energy, and a place to socialize with others of their own kind. In reality, Dog Parks create the worst habits and anti-social behavior in our dogs.

Dog parks teach dogs to get excited and over-aroused in the presence of other dogs. Why is this a problem? Excitement is the corner-stone of aggressive behavior. It just takes a little push to cross the line from excitement to full on fighting. 

Dog parks can make leash walking a nightmare. Dogs who attend the dog park get over-stimulated by the sight of other dogs. They expect to be able to charge and wrestle with every dog they see. And why not? That’s what they do at the dog park…..

Dog parks are cesspools of disease. Many dog owners do not vaccinate their dogs against deadly diseases such as Canine Influenza, Distemper, Parvo and Rabies. Kennel Cough, while not usually deadly, runs rampant at dog parks, and will (at the least) end up costing you a trip to the vet for some antibiotics. 

Do you want a calm, sociable dog-friendly dog? Dog training classes are the best way to achieve these goals, not dog parks. Dogs who learn to WORK and mind their manners around other dogs and people are a joy to be around, don’t bark and lunge on the leash, and are easy to handle in public.

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