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We service clients all over the Dayton metro and beyond, including: Bellefontaine, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, De Graff, Englewood, Huber Heights, Jackson Center, Lima, Maplewood, Marysville, Piqua, Sidney, Springfield, Tipp City, Toledo, Troy, Urbana, Versailles, Wapakoneta.

2 weeks
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Two-week puppy jump start to work on engagement, name recognition, socialization, and potty training. Your puppy will live with their dog trainer and will be exposed to new people, dogs, sights and smells! Getting your puppy started NOW will help you receive guidance on avoiding common mistakes dog owners make and set the foundation for future training programs. Requirements: Puppies must be up to vaccinations for their age and have proof of a negative fecal test. Duration: 14 nights Perks: Written instructions, one send-home lesson, one follow up lesson, long line. Skills learned: Engagement, name recognition, luring sit and down, confidence building, proper socialization, crate training.
5 weeks
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This multi-phased program is designed to create the perfect family dog by stopping problem behaviors before they start! The Perfect Puppy Program gives you trainer support from start to finish, from potty training and socialization through off-leash obedience, via five-weeks of board and train. In the first phase of the program, your puppy is raised by a trainer for 14 days, working on crate/exercise pen training & building a positive association with going into the crate, potty training, socialization, responding to their name, handling/grooming behavior, and basic manners. Field trips ensure that your puppy has good experiences in new environments, around people and other dogs. When your puppy returns home you will receive regular check ins with your dog trainer, either virutally over over the phone, to ensure your puppy's training is kept on track. At seven months old, your puppy will return for 21 days of off leash training, including: heel, sit, down, stay, coming when called, and place (bed stay). We use motivational techniques that show the puppy how fun it is to learn and work with their owner, and then build upon those skills when they are mentally mature enough to learn advanced skills.
2 weeks
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Your dog will learn how to walk politely on a leash, go to their bed and wait at doors, all on leash. They will live in-home with their dog trainer, learning house manners and critical life skills both on the farm and out & about on field trips. We will work around new dogs, people, and more to ensure a reliable response. Prerequisites: Dogs must be at least 6 months old for this program, and must not show any signs of reactivity, aggression, or other major behavioral concerns. Duration: 14 nights Perks: All training equipment, written instructions, one send-home lesson, and two one-on-one follow up lessons post graduation. Skills learned: Heel, name recognition, sit, leave it, and wait (all on leash or in a controlled, familiar space).
2 weeks
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Lose the leash! This program is designed to build on the skills learned in Obedience One. Off-Leash Obedience for people who enjoy strolls through the city, suburbs, or great outdoors. This program is perfect for the urban dweller, or the outdoor types who want an adventure companion, in addition to a well-behaved Urban Hound Prerequisites: Dogs must have graduated our Obedience One program, or show proficiency of heel, sit, leave it, and wait at the door under distraction (ie a public place). MOST dogs will begin at Obedience One, even if they’ve graduated from other training programs. Duration: 14 nights Perks: All training equipment, written instructions, one send-home lesson, and two one-on-one follow up lessons post graduation. Skills learned: Recall, heel under high level distraction, down, and go to 'place,' a portable stay-station - all on or off leash.
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About Your Ohio Dog Trainer

Shaina has been actively training dogs since 2009, and has been with Dog Dynamix since 2016. Prior to training dogs full time, Shaina spent years working with thousands of dogs as a veterinary assistant, and earlier as a manager for a high-volume boarding and daycare facility. She caught the dog-sport bug in 2011 after bringing home her first working dog, a high-drive rocket of a dog named Versailles.

Shaina and Versailles competed together in IPO, AKC Obedience, and Rally Obedience. Unfortunately, Versailles passed away due to health issues in April of 2021. Shaina is currently training two active competition dogs in Ringsport named Atom and Flinke — both Belgian Malinois.

As often as possible, Shaina attends seminars and workshops held by other professional trainers skilled in various venues and methodologies. She has mentored under numerous dog trainers over the years, both in and out of Colorado. She is particularly passionate about modern e-collar training and aims to keep training as fun and motivational for both owner and dog, while still maintaining strict criteria and achieving reliable results.

In addition to working full-time as Colorado’s Customer Care coordinator and Ohio’s lead trainer for Dog Dynamix, Shaina spends much of her “time off” traveling the country to compete in dog sports and to teach Competition Obedience seminars for various dog training clubs. Shaina takes on dog training cases teaching dogs on and off leash obedience skills, house manners, potty training, crate training, leash walking, coming when called under distraction, behavioral modification training, puppy socialization training, and more. See how she can help you and your dog!


  • Versailles von zur Bindenburg BH, CD, RN, APR1

  • Atom de Jardin CGC, BH, RN, RNX, MR Brevet, MR3, Champion of MR1 at the 2019 USMRA National Championship, selected for the Team USA 2020 FMBB Championship at MR1, 3rd place MR3 at the 2021 USMRA National Championship, FR2, Vice-Champion at the 2022 USMRA National Championship.

  • Flinke Idole des Loups du Lac CGC MR1

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How to Schedule Training

4 Easy Steps
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Fill Out Our New Customer Survey

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A trainer will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss training options

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You will receive a link to register in our Client Portal

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We will take a non-refundable deposit of $500 and book your program!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to board and train programs? 

  1. Time is of the essence – Most dog training classes last a minimum of 6 weeks, and in that time, barely cover leash walking. In addition, private dog training and group dog training classes require the owner to practice (daily) what they’ve learned in class that week. If your schedule gets busy, and you can’t practice the training, your dog will fall behind and you won’t meet your training goals. Dog training is all we do, and we love it! Our programs are designed to meet your training goals in a condensed period of time.

  2. Convenience – Do you need to find care for you dog for an upcoming vacation? Doesn’t it make sense for your dog to utilize that time learning good behaviors, instead of developing bad ones? Most boarding facilities are too full and busy to control barking, jumping, pulling on leash, and other nuisance behaviors. Your dog can train, stay and play while you’re away through our stay & train programs. We exercise their mind and body. Out of control play groups create out of control dogs. At Dog Dynamix, your dog won’t pick up bad habits. Our emphasis is better behavior, and happily obedient dogs.

  3. Dog and Owner limitations – Some dogs require special handling or have behaviors that present a danger to the client or the public. Some clients might have mobility issues, or may be elderly and aren’t physically capable of practicing the training techniques. Leave it to the pros. We will take excellent care of your dog and be sure that you get the training you need.

  4. Board and Train is Perfect for New or Expecting Parents – Are you expecting? Or have you recently had the joy of bringing your new baby home? Board and Train is the perfect place for your dog to learn obedience and baby-manners in a short amount of time. Let us give your dog the one-on-one attention it deserves, while allowing you to focus on establishing your routine with the new baby.


How do you make sure the dog responds to me when the program ends? 

All of our board and train options include trainer support and follow up private lessons, and the necessary equipment to ensure success. We want you to feel confident that you can maintain the training for the life of your dog, and that we are here for you.


What tools/methods do you use to train dogs?

All of our obedience programs utilize balanced training, meaning we utilize a combination of rewards and consequences. We do not limit ourselves to one quadrant of learning, as it puts all of the dogs in the same program/box. We layer over the positive reinforcement with the ‘okay, now you have to do this for safety reasons’ component of dog training, as failing to do so leaves the dog understanding that if they don’t want treats, they don’t have to mind the handler. All dogs that are enrolled in a program geared towards off leash obedience are trained to an electronic collar (provided with the program). Most dogs go home on chain collars, but we will use prong collars and starmark collars as well, as needed.


Will there be updates on my dog’s progress?

We provide detailed report cards at least once per week, and provide you a private link to a Google Drive containing regular photo and video updates of your dogs’ progress. In addition, we post photos and videos to social media (Facebook and Instagram).


How often do you train the dogs?

Every dog receives two training sessions per day, typically lasting about 20 minutes each. Once the dogs have solid skills inside the training property we take them on regular outings to parks, stores, trails, and patios to expose them to new distractions, and make sure they can perform reliably in a variety of situations. Dogs that are friendly with other dogs may get some social time with other training dog or our personal dogs, while dogs that prefer human company get one-on-one play sessions.

Each dogs’ individual daily needs will vary — we may take an afternoon neighborhood walk instead of a training or play session, or we may head out to hike for the day, and sometimes we have to limit the session based on the dog’s motivation levels.

If the weather does not allow for dogs to be outside as often, we will up the length of playtime, training sessions, and treadmill times so the dogs are tired. It does us no good to have dogs that are understimultaed and worked up since they live in the home with their trainer! While we want to make sure that dogs practice downtime while they are with us and are able to relax, we also want to make sure they are mentally satisfied and physically tired each day.


“I took classes before, and my dog was good in class, but on walks we really struggled.”

We make sure the training is solid in the places you want to take your dog. Field trips away from the facility occur once the dogs reliably heel, sit and stay, on leash around distractions at the training center. This is the primary reason for the length of our programs; to ensure the training works where you need it most. We proof their off-leash training on hiking trails, in parks, and spaces where they can RUN.


What is the process for signing up for a Board and Train?

  1. Familiarize yourself with our program offerings on this page (NOTE: Ohio’s programs and pricing are different than Colorado’s, so please stay on THIS page for relevant information).

  2. Fill out our Board & Train Survey

  3. Wait for an email from us to set up an initial phone conversation

  4. After our conversation, if you want to move forward with booking a reservation, we will take a non-refundable $500.00 deposit to hold the stay.

  5. Drop off and pay for the remainder of the program.


What if I need to cancel or move the program dates?

Please click here to see our current cancelation policy.


What makes you different from other trainers?

Our training methodology is heavily based on rewarding a dog for a job well done. We use praise, treats, toy and play rewards for teaching the skills we want the dog to know. After all, how many of us work for free? However, after the dog understands what is expected of them, they must also understand that following commands is not up for debate. We provide a complete and balanced approach to training dogs and their owners using proven scientific principles.

What makes a dog trainer an expert? Choosing a dog trainer is a difficult decision. Does the trainer hold titles in any dog sports? Do they belong to any dog training organizations? Do they have a ‘demo-dog’? Any trainer should be able to demonstrate their proficiency. Our trainers are versed in all quadrants of learning, understand dog behavior, and can help you find the right training solutions for your dog and family.

Most dogs in training programs do not leave the facility. ALL of the dogs in our care go on regular field trips. Not only does that provide enrichment for the dogs, but it allows them to experience and learn training in the places their owners will be taking them.


Can I visit my dog during a Board and Train stay?

We recommend using discretion and asking your trainer for their opinion. For some dogs, the act of seeing their owner partway through the training can disrupt their program and cause them to regress for a few days, resulting in us not being able to push through as quickly to the next step. If your dog has separation anxiety, or a major lack of impulse control when you are around, visiting may not be recommended. While we will NEVER tell an owner that they cannot visit their dog, it’s important to evaluate if the visit is beneficial for the dog or not. We cannot accommodate visits with other household dogs during the stay.


Are there specific program start dates?

Our facility has scheduled time off throughout there year. We recommend checking with us prior to booking vacations if you hope to schedule a Board and Train, Day Train, or Refresher Training program around travel dates.


Do you use crates during their stay?

YES, and dogs must be crate or x-pen trained prior to enrolling in a program. Need advice? Let us know and we can discuss!


Can I see where my dog will be staying?

We take pride in keeping our facility clean, safe, and feeling like home for your dogs. Video tours are available by request and you will be dropping off at your trainers personal home. As such, please be respectful and understanding that clients will not be allowed inside the trainers home unless it has been discussed.

Maplewood, Ohio Location

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