Why Dog Daycare Training Works So Fast01 Nov

Why Dog Daycare Training Works So Fast

Dog daycare training is known to work really fast due to experienced trainers that use delicious treats, consistent upkeep and positive reinforcement. Dogs can be trained in just two weeks if they adjust quickly to the new routine and start understanding the commands that help them learn the new skill set. However, it usually takes up to six weeks to train through positive reinforcement. Sessions of thirty or forty minutes per day are generally not enough to get a dog trained in less than a month. 

To train a dog as quickly as possible, it is very important to follow a strict schedule that includes pre-planned potty breaks, meals and play time. Even so, it takes at least five weeks to fully transform a dog’s behavior. There are many tricks and commands that have to be taught including: stand tall, wait, fetch, bark and spin. Moreover, dogs undergoing training will most certainly require extra sleep at home after intensive training sessions. They will also need: small naps, frequent rehydration, exciting experiences, adventures, socializing, exercising and grooming services (such as baths, nail trims, ear cleaning and teeth brushing). In addition, trainers have to avoid overstimulation and cannot force unsocial dogs to be social. 

There is no down time when building endurance through games in the outdoor play yards. Basic skills are also being taught quite rapidly in order to help overcome certain behavioral challenges. Changing the dogs’ attention-seeking strategies and reinforcing their good skills is mostly done through positive reinforcement. Consistency is also very important when it comes to teaching new skills and breaking bad habits or changing behaviors rooted in emotions. Improving fear-based behaviors through training requires discipline and perseverance. Most of the time, it is achieved through classical conditioning techniques such as desensitization and counterconditioning.