Does Your Pooch Need to Go to a Dog Training Camp?30 Aug

Does Your Pooch Need to Go to a Dog Training Camp?

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? While the recommended age for sending your pooch away to a dog training camp is about 1 year (though training can start much sooner), you’ll find that even older dogs can be taught a lot of basic and advanced skills quite well in about 3-4 weeks. The basics of a dog training camp is that you get to send your dog away to a trainer’s camp or house for a few weeks, and there the dog can be trained properly to learn all the tricks and skills you need them to know. If you don’t have the patience, skill or time to train your dog yourself, this is a perfect opportunity to get it done and ensure that you can avoid any setbacks or drawbacks – since, after all, they’ll be in good hands. Generally, a puppy or a young dog can be trained at home without much difficulty, with just a little love and dedication. However, a specialized dog training camp is great since it provides a personalized training experience suited to your lifestyle, and it discourages any negative behavioral patterns that your pooch might pick up on the way. As a result, the best time to get your dog to a training camp is right now. As long as you rely on a team of dog training professionals who can treat your K9 companion well, you’ll definitely be happy with the result.