Colorado Companion Program

Hit the trails, and be outward bound with your hound.

Our Colorado Companion Program is Denver’s BEST dog boarding and training program. This program is perfect for the urban dweller, or the outdoor types who want an adventure companion, in addition to a well-behaved Urban Hound. In 3 short weeks, we’ll teach your dog skills that will help them be the enjoyable family member you know they can be.

The Colorado Companion program focuses on what years of experience has taught us are the three most important dog training skills every dog should know — leash walking, bed-stay, and coming when called. Our trainers will create a personalized dog training plan that works for your lifestyle and your dog’s personality… no cookie-cutter dog trainers here! We know that every dog is different and there is no one-size-fits-all. We’ll work with you to make this the best thing you’ve ever done for your dog.

Dog Dynamix employs Denver’s best dog trainers that know how to help you reach your dog training goals. Is your dog pulling you all over town? Have you stopped taking your dog with you on regular outings because it isn’t relaxing or enjoyable? Afraid that one day they’ll take off after a rabbit and never come back? We want to help you enjoy living a fulfilled life with your dog.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be at least 6 months old for this program, and must not show any signs of barking and lunging at dogs or people, high anxiety, aggression, or other major behavioral concerns. The best candidates for this program are happy, maybe even overly exuberant dogs who just need new skills to learn how to better navigate the human world. We will assess your dog’s current skills and overall temperament during our required Day Evaluation prior to enrolling in one of our boarding and training programs.

Duration: 21 nights

Perks: All training equipment, one send-home lesson, two follow-up lessons, and 3 group practice classes included in the price of the program.

Equipment: E-Collar Technologies remote collar, training collar, leash, place cot

Cost: $3495 | 2nd dog same household $3295

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