Building Relationships Beyond Obedience

Dog Bootcamp, Dog Dynamix

Dog Bootcamp

Behavior Modification training.

REQUIRED for dogs with any reactivity towards dogs or people, or other behavioral concerns. Training is not a ‘magic fix’ for Aggression. Aggression (especially) is managed and never cured. This program is for dog owners who are willing and able to work WITH the training and trainer to create the best prognosis for their dog. *BE SURE TO READ THE DESCRIPTION.

The curriculum is specifically developed to change your relationship with your dog and help YOU manage unwanted behaviors. This program focuses on addressing the behavioral concerns with the individual dog, while teaching obedience skills. Skills learned may vary. Emphasis will be on Heel, Sit, Recall and Bed Stays. Muzzle training may be included. The cost of the Bootcamp program includes a place cot, all necessary training equipment (including muzzle if necessary), and 3 follow up training sessions, and two private training sessions while the dog is in program. A strong desire to learn and implement the techniques by the dog owner is REQUIRED.

Summary: Address behavior concerns, and improve the relationship with the dog and handler.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be 6 months or older, and completed a behavioral assessment

Duration: 2 separate sessions – one 3-week stay, followed by one 2-week stay, to be completed in a 60-day timeline.

Owner commitment to trainer recommendations required: This may include NO DOG PARK OR DOG DAYCARE ATTENDANCE. Your trainer will advise you what your dog will be realistically capable of. This program will set the foundation for good behavior but will require long-term commitment from the handler for optimal results.

Perks: All training equipment, 3 follow up lessons included, and 2 free group practice classes

Equipment: E-Collar Technologies remote collar, training collar, leash, place cot, muzzle if recommended.

Cost: $5490 | 2nd dog same household $5290
*Bootcamp is required for aggression control

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Dog Bootcamp, Dog Dynamix

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