Dog Bootcamp

For dogs lunging and barking on leash, showing aggressive behaviors, or very anxious dogs
, Dog Bootcamp, Dog Dynamix

REQUIRED for dogs with any reactivity towards dogs or people, or other behavioral concerns. Training is not a ‘magic fix’ for Aggression. This program is for dog owners who are willing and able to work WITH the training and trainer to create the best prognosis for their dog.

Cost: $5490 | 2nd dog same household $5290

Skills Learned

  • Walking without pulling on the leash
  • Go to your bed (and stay there)
  • Wait at doorways
  • Muzzle training
  • Personalized behavior modification plan

Included With Training

  • 5 weeks of Boarding & Training (split into two stays)
  • Recommended training equipment
  • 3 Private Lessons
  • 2 Group Classes
  • Written and video instructions

    Meet Our Featured

    Dog Trainers
    Dog Bootcamp, Dog Dynamix

    Shaina Zimmerman

    Customer Care and Ohio Dog Trainer
    Dog Bootcamp, Dog Dynamix

    Nicky Meyerhoff

    Dog Trainer
    Dog Bootcamp, Dog Dynamix

    Lisa Lucero

    Owner and Head Trainer - Over 16 Years Experience
    Dog Bootcamp, Dog Dynamix

    Natalie Moya

    Dog Trainer