Dog Day Care Training Camp in Colorado

This dog daycare program is ideal for those who want their dog to receive high quality training without being sent away for an extended period of time, dogs who would benefit from on-leash training in new environments, and those who want their dogs to learn new skills in a safe space without causing obsessive behaviors towards other dogs and without picking up bad behaviors such as excessive barking, jumping on new people, and inappropriate play.

Day Train Program, Dog Dynamix

Dog Day Train Program

It’s Dog Daycare, only the dogs are learning, and not just building cardio!

We know you want your dog to have fun and play while you work and come home tired. Wouldn’t it also be wonderful if their time away was spent learning critical life skills from Professional Dog Trainers?

This doggie daycare and training program teaches your dog critical life skills such as heel, sit, down, bed-stay, and the foundation for off-leash recall, in addition to regular field trips and — for social dogs — some playtime with other trained dogs. At the end of each work week we will give you detailed instructions on what to work on prior to their next Day Train session, and at graduation you’ll receive a one-on-one lesson to go over everything your dog learned and how to maintain the training. Our talented, professional dog trainers teach your dog new skills while you work, and your dog comes home happy, tired, and physically satisfied. It’s a win-win!

The program consists of:

        • 15-day Day Train package, scheduled Monday through Friday
        • Minimum requirement of three visits per week, up to 5/week
        • 2 one-on-one dog training lessons (one send-home lesson and one follow-up lesson)
        • 2 group classes
        • E-Collar for dogs over 6 months old, place cot, leash 

Dog Day Train Program Price: – $2,795


Have a new puppy? We offer a puppy-specific Day Train package for the new addition who isn’t quite ready for intensive training, yet. Puppies under seven months old are welcome to purchase 10-packs of Day Training until they are old enough to start learning the big-pup stuff!

Our puppy option consists of:

  • 10 Day Training sessions (Monday through Friday)
  • Unlimited Group Practice Classes for puppies, Saturdays at 10am, until they move up to an official training program
  • Crate training, name recognition, appropriate socialization, confidence building
  • Price: $1000/10 sessions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Please check out our FAQ to learn more about our training facility and philosophies.

Graduates of this program also qualify for Day Camp sessions at a significantly discounted rate, meaning your dog is able to continue coming to play and train even after they graduate their Day Train Program!

What are the benefits of Day Train versus traditional Dog Daycare?

Our Day Training Program is designed to give dogs a safe place to train and play without the chaos. Our staff consists of Dog Trainers who know dog behavior and when to step in during rowdy play. We will help your dog learn new skills, take them on field trips, and supervise their playtime (with other social, trained dogs or individually if your dog doesn’t appreciate new dogs in their space), all while pet parents get important work done.

The way most classic Doggy Daycare services operate can create negative behavioral changes in dogs. It is important that dogs practice good behavior if you want them to be good at home. Almost all of the aggression and reactivity inquiries we get on a daily basis are from dog owners with dogs who regularly attend (or attended) Dog Dayare and Dog Parks. There’s a better way!

Do dogs have to like playing with dogs to attend Day Training?

No! We understand that not all dogs appreciate new dogs in their face. We will work on training skills in the presence of other dogs, safely, so your dog has good experiences around dogs. If your dog has reactivity towards other dogs, our program can help decrease their anxiety and stress by getting an opportunity to learn around well-behaved pups. We’ll make sure your dog gets plenty of one-on-one attention and playtime. If your dog is dog-social, great! We’ll work on ignoring other dogs during training time, and offer some occasional play time with new friends, too.

What is the difference between your Day Training program and Day Camp?

Our Day Training program has a training curriculum and is offered in order to teach dogs new skills that they do not know, do not fully understand, or only perform in certain environments or lower distraction areas. We will focus on teaching heel, bed-stay, wait at the door, and more while also taking your dog out on occasional field trips to practice in new spaces. This is great for new clients with dogs who either have not attended training at another facility or who may have trained elsewhere but did not get the desired results. Day Train programs require a minimum attendance of three days a week, for a total of fifteen days per package. Day Camp is available to dogs who have graduated from one of our Dog Boarding and Training or Day Training programs, who want to continue practicing their known skills, and there is no required attendance commitment. Think of our Day Training program as a Boarding and Training alternative, whereas Day Camp is a perk for graduates that works at a traditional Dog Day Care alternative.

Come see why our Day Train Program is on track to revolutionize the Doggy Daycare industry.

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Day Train Program, Dog Dynamix

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Day Train Program, Dog Dynamix

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Make sure your puppy isn’t lonely.

Your dog isn’t any different from a person, and while you’re at work full-time during the day, your greatest friend misses you. They might spend hours peering out of the window or door for your arrival.

Dog daycare enables your dog to socialize with daycare staff and other dogs, preventing them from becoming lonely.

Don’t be concerned about being home late.

Pet parents sometimes have to work later than you thought, leaving your dog home alone until late at night. You might also make social plans after work that just extends the amount of time your dog is alone.

If your dog is training at doggie daycare, they will be in excellent hands until you are ready to retrieve them. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

You Don’t Have To Allow Anyone Into Your House

Although you may always hire someone to come over to your home and walk your dog or play with them when you’re gone, it might be uncomfortable knowing that someone has access to your house while you’re away.

Instead of leaving your pooch at home, send them to us! We love dogs!

It’s More Cost-Effective Than You May Think

People are afraid that daycare for dogs in Colorado will be expensive, which is one of the most common reasons why people don’t want to use it. However, if you compare prices, you’ll discover that our facilities give you a very good value for your money.

Lots of exercise

Being confined to the house all day might be difficult for a dog. Laying about isn’t good for their health, even if they have access to the backyard. They may not be as energized to race around on their own without encouragement, even if they have access to the outside.

All the dogs will be more active when he is not at doggie daycare, however. They can run with other dogs, play fetch, and go for walks with the staff. This will be beneficial to your dog’s physical and emotional health.

Dogs that have been left to their own devices with energy to burn might dig up the yard or run in circles in your grass. Daycare and training classes for your dog can assist with this.

Our friendly staff at our dog training daycare can also help you maintain excellent conduct by training your dog to behave and listen to commands on a regular basis. This will be reflected in their behavior when they are with you at home.

Your dog will meet new friends.

Another advantage of getting your dog trained and cared for is the other dogs. Dogs are social creatures that despise being alone. They will never be alone at dog daycare! For hours on end, they may run around and play with their own kind, from small dogs to big dogs, making most dogs very happy.

Your dog will undoubtedly encounter numerous of the same canine pals every time, and he or she will be able to form nice relationships and have lots of fun while learning new skills in a safe place.