EVERYTHING you need to maintain your dog's training is included in all of our programs!

  • All necessary dog obedience equipment
  • Private Lessons for you and your dog
  • Group Classes for you and your dog
  • Phone and email support for your Dog Training
  • Weekly Dog Training Report Cards
  • Regular Picture and Video Updates

Programs & Pricing

Board & Train Programs

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Dog Training in the Denver, Colorado area and beyond
The Perfect Family Doglearn more
Create the perfect family dog and stop problem behaviors before they start! The Perfect Puppy Program provides support from start to finish, from potty training and socialization through off-leash obedience.
Dog Training in the Denver, Colorado area and beyond
Off-Leash Dog Obediencelearn more
Off-Leash dog obedience training is for owners who enjoy strolls through the city, suburbs or great outdoors. This program is perfect for the urban dweller or the outdoor types who want a well behaved, adventurous dog.
Dog Training in the Denver, Colorado area and beyond
Take your dog EVERYWHERElearn more
This 2 week ad-on program really focuses on the details. After this program you will be able to confidently take your dog EVERYWHERE - They will be exposed to elevators, public transportation and high distraction environments such as restaurants, breweries, parks, events, gatherings, hiking, traveling, etc. Dogs must be have trainer approval to enroll.
Dog Training in the Denver, Colorado area and beyond
Reactive/Aggressive Doglearn more
REQUIRED for dogs with any reactivity towards dogs or people. Aggression is managed and never cured. This program is for dog owners who are willing and able to work WITH the trainer to create the best prognosis for their dog!
Dog Training in the Denver, Colorado area and beyond
Training While You're at Work!learn more
The Day Train Program is a great alternative to a board and train if you can’t stand the thought of parting with your dog for 3 weeks. Drop your dog off in the morning, and pick up an exercised and studied dog who is learning heel, sit, place, and recall while you’re away. The program is 15 days, Monday through Friday, only. This program includes 2 Private lessons (one send home lesson and one In-home lesson), and 2 group classes, and all necessary training equipment.
Dog Training in the Denver, Colorado area and beyond
Training at Your Homelearn more
Dog training at your home allows us to tackle problem behaviors where they occur, and teach good ones where we want them the most! If your dog jumps on guests, bolts out the front door, won't come in from the backyard, or barks at the fence, in-home dog training is for you! New puppy? We can help teach them how to behave in their new home! Older dog making life a little hectic? Let us help you get the most enjoyment from your dog. We offer two different in-home training options to help create the best training plan for you and your family.

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Quality Training Reliable Results

If you are frustrated with selective hearing, pulling on the leash, over-excitement, jumping, nipping, barking, rushing out the door, or other nuisance house behavior, we can help! We specialize in dog training that is designed for dog owners who want to enjoy city life, neighborhood outings or off-leash adventures. Enjoying activities like hiking, biking, swimming, camping, restaurant patios or breweries, or traveling, is much easier when you have a well-trained dog.