Training-Focused Dog Daycare is Beneficial (and Fun!)07 Mar

Training-Focused Dog Daycare is Beneficial (and Fun!)

Dog Dynamix offers the BEST Dog Daycare Training program in Colorado. Don’t believe it? Let’s break it down!

Dog daycare, if done correctly, can be fantastic for socialization and allowing your dog to engage with new people and dogs in a healthy way. It can help exercise your dog while you work, which allows you more time to focus without feeling guilty about your pooch sitting around bored. However, a lot of doggie daycares tend to focus only on physical exercise (primarily: roughhousing with other dogs), rather than physical and mental exercise. The combination is really the winning ticket.

It’s definitely different at Dog Dynamix. We think that dogs’ daycare days should include more than just a fun time… it should be enriching, and make life better for you and your dog long term.

Our dog and puppy daycare training programs include playtime, socialization, and most importantly… dog training! Rather than dogs simply running in a large group of other dogs for eight hours, dogs enrolled in our Day Train Programs split their day between playtime and structured training sessions (multiple obedience sessions each day) working on learning important skills like coming when called, sit, down, go to your bed, and how to walk politely on a leash. As dogs progress through the training program, we even start taking them on field trips to dog friendly places such as parks, stores, and trails, to proof their new training skills under distraction.

Our staff of professional Denver Dog Trainers operate more like activity directors on a cruise ship than they do like lifeguards at a swimming pool. Meaning, rather than playing referee to a bunch of unruly hounds, our dog trainers are focusing on keeping dogs entertained in a way that is not overstimulating, and making sure they aren’t practicing naughty behaviors like jumping on staff, barking at other dogs, pulling on the leash, and more. Throughout the day, each dog works one-on-one with a trainer around other training dogs, so they can practice both interacting with AND ignoring other dogs.

Not only does dog daycare training provide plenty of physical and mental stimulation, but it also allows them to learn new skills that you will use in your real life. Rather than just wearing out your dog for the day only for them to be totally recharged and out of control the next morning, consider signing your dog up for our daily dog training programs in Denver!