3 Important Dog Training Skills Every Dog Should Know26 Dec

3 Important Dog Training Skills Every Dog Should Know

Dog Training Skills that make life better: heel, stay, and recall.

Short on time, but struggling with your dog’s behavior? These are the three lifechanging dog training skills you should focus 5 minutes per day on for maximum results:

Heel – Loose leash walking creates a calm state of mind, and teaches your dog to check in with you, look to you for information, and makes it easier to take your dog everywhere. The goal here is an attentive dog who pays attention to you, ignores dogs and people, and definitely doesn’t lunge or bark on leash at other dogs!

Stay – While a bed-stay while the doorbell is ringing seems like a cool party trick, its practical application is obvious. If your dog can do a sit-stay, for one minute, you are building the skill of IMPULSE CONTROL in other situations, where you might not want your dog to do the first thing that comes to mind. Stay can be a sit-stay, down-stay, or bed (place) stay. Stationary is what matters!

Recall – Does your dog come when you call them? If you have to say your dog’s name more than twice, this skill needs work! It’s literally a life saver. A successful-single-command-recall should be your proudest dog dad/momma moment and rewarded generously. No dog should be off leash hiking in the Colorado mountains without a truly reliable recall.

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