Holiday Dog Training Manners13 Nov

Holiday Dog Training Manners

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to refresh some of your dog’s basic manners; Before the hustle and bustle of family gatherings.

These are a few basic strategies for managing your dog’s behavior over the holidays.

Train your dog to “Leave it.” The ‘Leave it’ command it useful for so many things that dogs might find interesting or tasty, that you don’t want them to have. Don’t touch the turkey! Leave those tree ornaments alone…. The stuff on the counter is not for you!

Train your dog to respect boundaries. Teach your dog to ‘wait’ at doors. With friends and family coming in and out of the house, doors might be left ajar, and that should not be a reason for Fido to bolt and venture off. By training your dog to wait for permission to enter or exit through doors, you instill the necessary impulse control to prevent great escapes.

Teach your dog the place command. Train your dog to stay on a bed, until you have given them permission to leave. Making your dog’s bed a ‘stay station’ allows your dog to be with the family, without being underfoot. When trained properly, it’s a great tool to teach your dog to relax and enjoy your family and friends without jumping or begging from the table.

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