The Holidays are Here! Shaina’s Top Gift Picks….

When working with a client who has a destructive large breed dog, the first thing I ask is what toys, if any, they are offered during their “free time”. Often, I am told that they are not able to have interactive toys because they destroy or even eat them if given the opportunity. I understand the dilemma of buying a $30 “tough” toy, only to have it torn apart within 5 minutes of bringing it home. Thus, I bring to you a list of my top 5 favorite toys that both entertain and last for large breed dogs!

1. Kong Wobbler: The Wobbler is no doubt one of my favorite treat dispensing toys. In addition to being interactive, it is quite durable and has handled being chucked against the fence frequently by my three dogs. While we have seen some very persistent chewers mangle the plastic in order to get the food faster, dogs that enjoy pushing around toys with their noses will get plenty of entertainment from this toy.

“The KONG-shaped Wobbler is an action-packed treat and food dispensing toy. It sits upright until pushed by a dog’s paw or nose and then periodically dispenses tasty rewards as it wobbles, spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned Wobbler users. The Wobbler can also be used as an alternative to a dog bowl to help slow and extend mealtime while providing exercise for your dog. Unscrews for easy filling and cleaning.”

2.Chuckit! Max Glow Rubber Ball:While it looks like any other rubber ball, the Glow Ball is a huge hit in the house and is considered a favorite. In fact, we had to buy one for every dog so that each dog could proudly carry one around without stealing them from each other! The Glow Ball activates by sunlight and has a long lasting, intense glow. It has a nice amount of give which is great for dogs that enjoy chewing.

“Ready Set Fetch! Give your dog something to jump for. Durable rubber ball glows in the dark to allow the game to keep going when the sun goes down. Your dog will love this grippable rubber ball made just the right size to use with your Chuckit!® Ball Launcher, sold separately.”

3.Jolly Pets Teaser Ball: The downside of this ball is that a vigorous chewer can mangle the plastic in each hole, which over time can create sharp edges. That being said, the fun dogs have with this toy is out of this world. A ball INSIDE a ball, the Teaser Ball is a blast to throw, chase, and tackle.

“HOURS. You may ask what we mean. Well, you’re dog is going to spend countless hours trying to get the ball out of the ball. No need to worry though, the inside ball isn’t going anywhere. And to make it more interesting, you can put some peanut butter on the inside ball to drive them even crazier!”

4. Jolly Pets Bounce-N-Play: I honestly can’t say enough about this company. Jolly Pets has a large product line of durable toys for canine and equine families. The Bounce-N-Play is a large ball with a fair amount of give that allows a dog to chomp on the ball without puncturing it… and it floats! For heavier chewers, the Push- N-Play may be more appropriate as it is a hard plastic that the dog cannot grip with its mouth, and therefore cannot destroy. The Bounce-N-Play made it on this list because it appeals to a larger crowd (the dogs that enjoy biting the ball instead of hiking it around), but the Push-N-Play is my German Shepherd’s favorite toy to herd.

“And with one giant kick the ball went flying…and the best part is you didn’t break your foot and the dog can’t deflate this ball. Shazam! Made from a super pliable material, even if your dog gets a hole in it, it will still keep its shape. Great for any backyard or lake adventure.”

5.Kong Extreme: A classic, the black Kong Extreme is great for entertaining a bored dog. It can be used for fetch, for chewing, or for stuffing with your dogs favorite treats. I tend to put a couple treats in the hole, fill it with peanut butter, and freeze it over night for full entertainment value. Kong has a color scheme regarding durability, and for the strong chewers black is the way to go.

“KONG Extreme represents the most durable version of our original KONG toy. The ultra-strong, ultra-durable, black rubber compound is recommended for the most powerful chewers.”

 Versailles has always LOVED Jolly Pets brand toys!

*Remember, it is recommended that dogs be supervised when given toys – particularly if they are known for picking them apart!!

That is it, my Top 5 Durable Toys for a Large Breed Dog! Have a favorite toy that I missed? Share your favorites in the comment section below!