The Dog Do’s on Doggy Daycare

Maybe life has been a bit busy lately, and you recognize that Fido isn’t quite getting the exercise he needs. Realizing you can’t squeeze more blood from the turnip you jump on the internet highway, and search for Doggy Daycare Denver,  hoping to find a work day solution to yours and Fido’s dilemma.

Doggy Daycare can often create more problems then they solve if they are not run properly. Denver Dog Dynamics has personally observed several other Denver Dog Trainer play groups, and have developed this check-list for helping you find appropriate, fun, exercise and socialization outlets for your dog.

1. The groups should be separated by size; Dog size that is. It’s important that small dogs are with other small dogs, and big dogs are with other big dogs. If a scuffle does occur (which, let’s be honest, is quite normal in these play group situations), little dogs don’t take the brunt of it.

2. The dogs should be continuously supervised, and there should be no more than 4 to 6 dogs per person. I’ve seen many trainers leave the room while a group of dogs are interacting. It’s important that they stay present and aware so they may intervene when they notice inappropriate play or behavior. I have also witnessed groups with way too many dogs for one person to manage should something go wrong. Be sure there are enough hands on deck to get involved if needed.

3. The trainer should incorporate *some kind of Dog Training. They should be sure the dogs can be called away from other dogs if needed, will sit to be leashed and returned to their owner, don’t rush out the door, etc.

4. If your dog is showing signs of over-excitement around other dogs, or you start to see aggressive behavior, your dog might be trying to tell you Doggy Daycare is not for them. There are other creative ways to exercise your dog. 

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